Key Takeaways from NFL Wild Card Weekend

With the slow torture of the Cardinals vs. Rams game coming to a close, let’s take a look at the key takeaways of Wild Card Weekend!

Is that how you play Go Fish?

Takeaway #1 – The San Francisco 49ers will be playing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau next week! Get ready to see some decked-out cheeseheads.
Takeaway #2 – America’s Team the Tennessee Titans will take on America’s 2nd favorite cat-related team the Cincinnati Bengals next weekend.

We hear you! And we agree that this sick meme belongs right here.

Takeway #3 – The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Buffalo Bills. Neato!

hey man, maybe you can talk to someone in your fantasy league? or get into fantasy hockey?

Takeaway #4 – La Rams (that’s French for “the Rams”) will be competing against the Tom Brady Tompa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday.

idk about you, but we are mashing the “share” button right now on this one!

Those takeaways and memes were straight fire, yo. Enjoy having your Thursday nights free until next football season! Unless you decide to watch the NBA Edition of Thursday Night Football.

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