NFC Wild Card Game Marred by Slime Debacle

Well there’s a headline we thought we’d never see.

In an effort to make football more fun for kids, the NFL decided to incorporate something all children love: slime! The NFL partnered with Nickelodeon, the TV Channel and #1 supplier of the world’s slime, to make the game more silly and appealing to kids who are watching the Big Game with their parents.

Neither player meant to slide here.

The AT&T Stadium Staff watched in horror as 400 gallons of slime was dropped onto the field by an orange blimp at the start of the game. You’d think someone would have given the staff a heads up! Every score, every tackle, every celebration, every time-out is celebrated with bursts of slime all over the field.

Unfortunately, neither adults nor children want to watch the end of the game. Adults are just exasperated watching their fave players get injured in slime-related accidents. Kids thought the slime was neat at first, but you can’t really keep their attention unless you make the NFL players into cartoon animals or replace them with a bunch of child stars. Sorry, NFL, this experiment is a failure!

When the coaches finally noticed this guy and pulled him out, he was unrecognizable. Hopefully a few showers will reveal his identity, for his family’s sake.

Good luck to the AT&T Stadium Staff, you folks are the real most valuable MVPs of the game!

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