How to bet on the College Football Championship Game

Monday night is game night! Monday is the best day of the week to have a major championship sports game because people are just getting home from work and won’t be able to have fun drinking because they have to get up for work the next day. We all know that college football and beer don’t mix!

Anyway, friends, are you looking to make some money while you watch the biggest college football game of the year? Download an app like “Draft King” or “Paycheck Punter” or “Cash Flusher” and read on to figure out which team to bet on.

Here are a few ways Vegas recommends to make the big decision!

Method #1: Roll the Dice

A tried and true way to guess who is going to win.

Looks legit.

Odd number: pick Georgia
Even number: pick Georgia

#2: Pull Names out of a Hat

On one slip of paper, write Georgia. On another slip of paper, write Georgia. Put both in a hat, mix them around, and then pick one.

#3: Ask the Magic Eight Ball

No one knows how these things work, but they are magic! Ask the Magic Eight Ball, “Magic Eight Ball, should I bet my life savings on Georgia to win the College Football Championship Game?”

Now listen here, hole!

If Yes: bet your life savings on Georgia
If No: bet your life savings on Georgia
If Maybe: bet your life savings on Georgia

#4: Let your pet pick for you!

You will need: two pieces of paper and a dog. On one piece of paper, write Georgia. On the other, write Georgia. Set both pieces of paper a few feet apart, and see which one your dog walks up to first.

There you have it, these are the official recommendations for Las Vegas itself! Good luck to the teams tonight, and good luck to all the fans who have their life savings on the line!

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