The Many Moods of Khris Middleton

In case you missed the NBA Finals Game 3 from last night, the Milwaukee Bucks won at home against the Phoenix Suns. What a game it was! Many basketballs went through the hoops, everyone’s favorite NBA Official and Gambling Guru Scott Foster was there doing his thang, there were mic’d up players–all the action you could ask for!

And Milwaukee Buck Khris Middleton reacted to it all!

Fans at home were glued to their TVs and phones, just flooding the internet with Khris Middleton reaction gifs to send to their friends and coworkers and Tumblr followers. Folks just can’t get enough of Mr. Middleton’s varied expressions!

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Middleton isn’t related to Khloe Kardashion or Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

If you missed the excitement, you can still catch the Bucks home game on Wednesday night. Good luck to the Bucks and Suns, and stay cool, Mr. Middleton!

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