History’s Most Accurate Sports Predictions

Everybody on Twitter is trying to predict the outcome of the NBA finals. Some folks even have money on the line! Wow, GL! Remember to tip your psychics.

But people have been making sports predictions for thousands of years! Did you know…? The Ancient Egyptians correctly predicted the National Football League NFC Championship winners from 2014 to 2018!

Whoa. Right down to the folks at home watching the game on TV!

According to the archaeologists who discovered the ancient drawings, the part of the tablet that showed the AFC winners broke off during a daring escape from a mummy that chased them through a crumbling pyramid. Unfortunately the archaeologists were all hockey fans, so they didn’t realize the significance of what they were carrying. If they had, they might have risked life and limb to go back to retrieve the AFC predictions and look for the Super Bowl itself!

Before you lock in your bets for the NBA Finals, you might want to head over to your local library and peruse some Ancient Egyptian Emojis!

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