Five Biggest Gatorade Fails

In the world of sports, Gatorade is a relatively new invention, and it has greatly improved the lives of NFL coaches! But even with Gatorade, athletes occasionally do an oopsie.

Let’s look at the five failingest instances of Gatorade in modern history.

#5. As a prank on the players–and to avoid getting drenched–Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher once filled the Gatorade cooler with rocks. But the joke was on him! Football players are so strong, they didn’t even notice; they dumped an entire cooler of rocks on their coach!

#4. One time, the staff of the New York Jets accidentally filled the Gatorade cooler with Powerade. Folks at home may not have noticed when the Jets dumped Powerade all over Coach Rex Ryan–but the NFL Big Wigs sure noticed! By far the most expensive Gatorade fail, this oopsie resulted in a $3 million fine.

#3. That same year, Rex Ryan’s brother Rob was visiting, and the Jets accidentally dumped the Gatorade on him by mistake. This led to a years-long feud between the two brothers.

#2. Last year, Bruce Arians, coach of the Super Bowl winner Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was trying to send a text message on his phone at the end of the game. Tom Brady and his friend Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski dumped Gatorade on Coach Arians and drenched his phone. Gronk said that all you have to do is put the phone in rice, so he dropped the phone in what a thought was a container of rice. But it turned out to be another Gatorade cooler, and Coach Arians’ phone was ruined. This happened three weeks in a row.

#1. The biggest failingest Gatorade incident in history happened to Pete Carroll at the end of a Seahawks win. Even though the team won, the Seahawks players were a little annoyed by the constant gum chewing noises coming from their head coach. Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett dumped the Gatorade cooler on Coach Carroll while he was holding his fancy Microsoft Surface tablet. When he didn’t get electrocuted, they handed him a plugged-in toaster and grabbed a second cooler of Gatorade.

Congrats, Coach!

Be careful with Gatorade, everybody!

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