Troubling News for Medina Spirit

Medina Spirit may not be the disgraced Kentucky Derby winner for long.

News broke last week that a second drug test confirmed the positive result of the original test. A raid on Mr. Spirit’s locker revealed an unidentified bottle of what reps for Mr. Spirit claim is “just water”. The suspicious container was confiscated for testing.

Not looking good!

So what’s next for Medina Spirit? He will get a hearing, as soon as the National Kentucky League of Horses and Running Fast selects an impartial jury of Mr. Spirit’s peers.

Don’t expect this to move quickly, though. These horses run fast, but they sure take their time deliberating! The only other time a disgraced horse was disqualified from the Kentucky Derby was way back in 1968, and it took four years for the horse to be disqualified. Four years is 21 dog years and almost 40 horse years! By the time the jury deliberates and makes a decision, the horse in question is either retired or already turned into a pack of glue sticks. At least that’s the way it worked back in the 60’s and 70’s!

We wish Medina Spirit the best in his journey to recovery. Let’s get back to some honest racing, like the founders of the International California Bureau of Quick Thoroughbred Horses Association intended.

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