Packers Send Strongly Worded Message to Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have sent a clear message to Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In fact, it’s the most strongly worded communication between the Packers and their Quarterback that the NFL has ever witnessed!

Observant readers discovered the communication in yesterday’s edition of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Might need some re-alignment there!

If you read the Sunday paper cover to cover, you can find the hidden message from Packers home office to Rodgers! If you look for every 12th word, ignoring headlines and bylines, and then take the either the first or second letter of each word, you will find the following message:

“attn rodgr we no u r reading this no more funny busnes b at trainning cmap on tues or else”

Strong words! Grab your Packers decoder rings and peruse today’s issue to see if you can find Aaron Rodgers’ reply!

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