What’s next for Air Bud?

Dogs and sports are a winning combo! Did you know that Air Bud has more movies than The Land Before Time and Fast and Furious combined? At the Air Bud strategy meetings, no idea is a bad idea. Well, almost!

Let’s take a look at the Air Bud movie ideas that didn’t quite make the cut.

Nasc-air Bud – Air Bud Takes on Racing
Air Bud starts out as a member of the pit crew, bringing his team members the right size wrenches. But when a rather gruesome tragedy strikes (seriously gruesome, this would have been the first ever Rated R film of the Air Bud franchise!) Air Bud is forced to fill in as the driver.

Now we’re pushing the limits of realism. Hard pass.
How the does he reach the pedals?

Spare Bud – Air Bud Takes on Professional Bowling
This one was a tough sell! It’s easy enough to train a dog to boink a basketball through a hoop. But picking up a 12-lb bowling ball and chucking it down a lane was just too much for the dog trainers. They went on strike shortly after the film was announced.

Air Bud on the Hunt – Air Bud Takes on the Filthy Rich
We can see why this project was thrown out! Originally billed as a Christmas movie, Air Bud on the Hunt was initially a historical piece about some kids and their dog hunting raccoons to help feed their family. But after some drug-fueled writers meetings, the plot morphed into Air Bud being flown to one of those private islands where the absurdly wealthy go to hunt human beings. The ultimate prey! But even better prey is a dog with basketball skills.

Oh, Air Bud. Should have stayed away from the path.

Maybe an up-and-coming director will pick up one of these options for a film festival. We look forward to it!

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