Holiday Weekend Sabotages Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers ran into some trouble in today’s Playoff Game #4 against the Phoenix Suns.

Lakers star player–and number one donor to the NBA Referee Rainy Day Fund–Anthony Davis left with an injury at half-time and did not return to the court. With Davis gone, the referees scrambled to figure out which Laker to elevate to Untouchable Golden Hoop status.

Throughout the third quarter, Lakers bench pooled loose change and sold assets to get some funds ready for transfer to the NBA Referee Rainy Day Fund… forgetting it was a Sunday, followed by a holiday!

Tough luck!

When the officials logged in to check their account, all the transactions were pending. And because of Memorial Day, the money wouldn’t be available until Tuesday! Sorry, folks, that’s just not good enough.

Game #5 on Tuesday!

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