Highlights from Suns vs. Lakers

Did you catch the Big Game last night?

Here are the top three fan favorite moments from Playoff Game 3 between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers!

Early Video Review!

Officials Sean Wright and Sean Corbin review some exciting game footage!

Fans love a good video review! Especially when it happens right away. As you can imagine, the crowd went wild when their fave officials headed to the scorer table to check out the replay. Screams of “Marry me, Sean!” could be heard from the crowd, but both the officials were named Sean, so nothing came of that.

Watching the instructional video that shows how to exit in case of a fire.

We all know it probably won’t happen–but it’s always good to be prepared! The crowd erupted in cheers when the little arrows showed them where to walk to leave through the nearest exit. When you feel safe, you can have more fun. Thanks a lot, Staples Center!


Actual footage from halftime! The crowd is loving it!

Normally at halftime, people use the bathroom or get some snacks. But not last night! Fans were glued to their seats the whole time. There wasn’t a halftime show and the jumbotron was just a blue screen, but folks just ate it up. Halftime, man. A special time!

Comment below and share your favorite moment of the game!

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