Sacrifice Your Body for the Sport

All athletes are familiar with the saying Scarface your body for the sport. Sometimes you have to risk some gnarly injuries in order to help the team win. While you’re watching the NBA Playoffs this week, if you’re feeling brave and curious, do an image search for your fave players’ feet. Really puts things in perspective.

Just don’t turn off safe search, folks, the internet is a scary place.

Let’s take a look at the gnarliest feet in the NBA!

That’s a gnarly foot, bro!

That gnarly dude might want to put that shoe back on. Just by looking at those gnarly toes, you know this fella is a terror on the bball court!

Whoa, gnarly!

That legit gnarly foot is in a sandal. You can tell it’s gnarly because there’s only one toenail. True baller right there.

Gnarly. Gnarlier. Most gnarliest.

We don’t know what happened to this NBA player. Obviously these gnarly feet have seen some stuff. We’re guessing multiple playoffs runs, is this dude on the Lakers?

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