America’s Top 10 Individual Football Fans

In honor of the 2021 NFL Draft (in T minus ONE day! Are you ready??) we would like to honor the Top 10 football fans in America, the brave land of the home of the land. As the song goes.

You may ask, how can one determine who the biggest fan is? The answer is: the folks who spend an extra $50 a year for a custom license plate declaring their devotion to their team!

Honorable mention!

10. “GOPCKGO” from somewhere in Wisconsin
What this lacks in creativity it makes up for by being the first person in Wisconsin to pick the perfect letters to describe their feelings for the Packers.

9. “G0PKG0” from somewhere else in Wisconsin
We get it! You replaced the O’s with zeros because #10 already took the O’s. Bonus points for using your imagination.

8. “GOCARDS” from somewhere in Missouri
So neat that there are Arizona Cardinals fans all the way in Missouri!

7. “J3TS R 1” from a place in New York
We love your optimism!

6. “FEF2017” from somewhere in Ohio
Forever Eagles Fan 2017! We get it, very creative.

5. “BILLSCAR” from a place in Vermont
Buffalo Bills fan in da house! We hope his car can fit the whole team!

4. “G14NTD1K” from a city in New York
Richard here loves him some Giants games!

3. “COX4LYF” from somewhere in Oregon
When you live in Oregon, you just have to root for your Pacific Northwest friends! C hox lol that’s clever.

2. “MRS PURR” from a North Carolina place
Somebody out there is a fan of Sir Purr, the official mascot of the Carolina Panthers!

And the Grand #1 prize goes to “WE3DLOL” from California, California! This hard-core fan is so proud of the Los Angeles Chargers for finishing 3rd in the AFC West. Great work, Chargers! Looking forward to next season!

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