2021 NCAA Overtime Rules

The NCAA is at it again!

The governing board for everyone’s fave college athletes has released its annual update of College Football overtime rules, and there are some fun new twists!

We’d hate to see the unabridged version! It’s over 55,000 pages and weighs 70 pounds!

Since the NCAA released this massive update on Thursday, no one has been able to finish reading it. But don’t worry! Our friends at NCAA are releasing a shorter version with only 6,000 pages so coaches can start planning their new O/T strategies.

The biggest changes relate to Article 106, Section 5a-2 and Article 514, Section 3c-41. Those are both doozies! But nothing is as dramatic as the addition of Article 132, Section 10a-45. Yeah, you know it!

But the media focus has been on Article 254, likely because no one has managed to read past that. According to Article 254, Section 6b-12, if the football game goes into a second overtime, the teams have to go for 2-point attempts after touchdowns. Most teams just like to roll out their kickers, but we guess the NCAA thinks that kickers get too much spotlight and football games should take less time. You know college kids, they hate spending time at a football game with their friends! We’re stunned the library isn’t standing room only on a football Saturday, with all the kids wanting to get in a solid study sesh.

Happy reading, everyone!

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