What’s next, Gronk?

After catching a football dropped out of a helicopter at an altitude of 600 feet to help motivate players at his alma mater, Rob aka “Gronk” aka “Neat Gronk” Gronkowski is getting bombarded with one question: What’s next, Neat Gronk?

He’ll catch one of these for sure!

It’s really tough to top the whole helicopter thing. Obviously the next step is catching a football dropped from a rocket. NASA’s best scientists have been at work for the last 24 hours, working on a football that can survive reentry. Turns out the ol’ pigskin is highly flammable! Who would have thought?

The other option is to do a flip-flop and have Neat Gronk be in the helicopter and have the football be thrown to him from the ground! We’re pretty sure his bff Tom Brady can do that with his cannon. The next move would be for Gronk to be in the rocket, and Brady would throw the football through the rocket window for Gronk to catch. Come on, science! Get crackin’ on that football!

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