Football Mystery in L.A.

It’s football Sunday, and viewers can’t help but notice a disturbing trend in Los Angeles.

Five years ago, Los Angeles, the former home of the Oakland (L.A. Junior) Raiders, acquired two additional football teams. First, they absorbed the St. Louis Rams, and then two years later, they snagged the San Diego Chargers.

Look, people. It’s obvious that Los Angeles is attempting to form a Super Team made up of hundreds of players to dominate the NFL.

Exhibit A: Team logos five years ago. A cool ram and a big ol’ bolt of lightning. Yeah, we see the difference!

Yes, we can see the difference!

Exhibit B: Today’s 2020 modern logos for conspiracy theories. You might want to sit down before you scroll any further.


This is how it starts, folks! We went from two distinct logos to two almost identical logos! And once everyone gets used to this new Rams logo, they’ll drop the “LA” part, and we’ll never be able to tell the difference between the teams. Soon the NFL will be dominated by an unstoppable Super Team with 300 players. The LA Charging Rams. You heard it here first.

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