Rebranding Washington

Change is coming to the NFL Football League! In breaking news, NFL leadership has announced the rebranding of their Washington DC team. Wild! The NFL hasn’t had a team name change since 1890 when Halley’s Comet hit the planet and killed the dinosaurs.

And even better, regular Joes like us can be a part of history! The Washington Footballs need you to make recommendations for an exciting new team name!

The current logo of the Washington Footballs.

Email Coach Ron Rivera with name suggestions or if you would like to be on the Tiger Team to help select the new mascot.

Current suggestions include:
Washington Cool Wolves That Spit Acid and Bite Off People’s Feet
Washington butts lol
Washington Boogers
Washtingon ing Sons of s

Yeah, real mature, internet. Let’s get some good suggestions rolling in to Coach Rivera!

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