NCAA Scheduling Glitch

Wow, college NCAA junior NFL football hasn’t been in the news for months… and now we can’t refresh our news pages fast enough!

Yesterday, the Big Ten, the second largest conference in College NCAA Jr. Pro Football, announced that Big Ten teams would only play each other this year. Wow, what an edgy idea! As the other conferences in NCAA Salaried Li’l Football frantically attempted to revise their schedules, the College Football Scheduler 3000–the ultimate tool for scheduling the seasons–crashed!

In an attempt to fix the issue, Ivy League pulled the plug and just cancelled all of their games… but the College Football Scheduler 3000 was not having it! It just kept on churning out schedules for everybody. Currently the NCAA Tiny-Football for Junior Footballers Who Get Paid schedule for Harvard looks like this:

We can’t wait for the playoffs!

Fingers crossed that the NCAA IT folks can work their magic and get this fixed in time to save college football! And in time for NCAA HR to get all the NFL-Jr. players’ salaries loaded into their software. Good luck, everyone! Remember, team work makes the dream work.

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