NCAA Football Playoffs Coming Soon

We hope you enjoyed the last full weekend of traditional college football ever. Next week is just a mini-week with only eight games. And next season will be a whole different animal as college football transitions more fully into regular NFL Jr. football that allows players to get paid, do commercials, be on cereal boxes, etc. But until then, we’ll have the NCAA Foot-Junior bowl playoffs to look forward to!

According to the NCAA, this last weekend of football will determine the playoff schedule.

Lets take a look at how the NCAA really determines which teams go to the playoffs and which are relegated to bowl games with no-name sponsors.

Step One: Write the name of every college football team on a piece of paper, fold them, and put them all in a hat.
That sounds fair! Every team has a shot!

Good luck, everyone!

Step Two: Unfold the pieces of paper, remove any team that isn’t in the Big 10, Big 12, or SEC.
There are 10 teams in the Big 10 and 12 teams in the Big 12! The Securities and Exchange Commission obviously has some of the best teams, that’s how the government rolls. Next year, taxpayer dollars might be supporting SEC player salaries!

Step Three: Take the pieces of paper you removed from the hat and flush them down the toilet.
Be sure to only push the toilet handle or flush button once! Wait to see if any of the pieces of paper come back up. If they do, the NCAA will squeeze them into a lesser bowl game.

LOL join a better conference.
Aww, the ink smeared. We think one says Notre Dame. By rule, any that are “illegible” say Clemson and go straight to playoffs.

Step Four: LSU, Clemson, Alabama1, and Georgia make the playoffs.
That was easy!

1 In case of emergency, Alabama can be replaced by either Ohio State or Oklahoma; to be determined by coin flip.

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