NBA Team to Watch This Season

So your fave football team has a losing record, your fantasy team is in shambles, and football is starting to feel like a chore. Sounds like it’s time to turn your attention to basketball season NBA 2019!

But there are so many teams.” You’re right, basketball has way more teams and players than football, so it can be daunting. But we’re here to tell you who to watch this season: the Phoenix Suns.

If you changed the channel away from Sunday Night Football, you might have seen the Suns crushing the Brooklyn Nets–they’re the NBA version of the New York Jets, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of these basketball teams! The Nets, unlike their football counterparts, are considered a probable playoff contender this year. And the Suns demolished them!

The Suns Gorilla doesn’t make a ton of sense as a mascot, but he does cool basketball tricks and a t-shirt toss during the game.
Home game Brooklyn fans just stare at a limp net placed at center court during the commercial breaks.

The Suns have had it rough since Steve Nash was revealed to be a genius mathematician in the 2012 documentary A Beautiful Mind, and he was forced to leave the Suns to do complicated calculations for Big Math. (Big Math steals all the talent.)

Big Math continued to plague the Suns the last two seasons, causing their number of losses to be three times greater than their number of wins. Math can be a real jerk. But this season, the Suns (occasionally called Los Suns by the bilingual residents of Arizona!) are off to their first 6-3 start since 2009 under the leadership of new head coach Monty Williams. And they are looking unstoppable!

The next Suns game is on Tuesday, so it doesn’t conflict with football. Check ’em out!

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