Bill Belichick Game Day Routine

Sports people–we’re all superstitious. And New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is no different. So how does the winningest coach in Patriot history prepare for game day?

Game Day Hoodie. Belichick made fashion headlines when he first showed up to a game wearing a Patriots hoodie with the sleeves roughly hewn off by a dull machete. What many people don’t know is that Classy Belichick actually wanted to wear a suit and tie! But the NFL wouldn’t let him. He promised it would be a Patriots tie, but Big Football didn’t think that would be “on brand” enough. Thus the hoodie tradition was born.

Uncombed Hair. Belichick, the rebel, decided to stick it to Big NFL. Since the sophisticated suit was unacceptable but the cut up hoodie was alright, Belichick decided to stop combing his hair on game day.

Beer with Breakfast. Most important meal of the day, and Belichick kicks it off with a single non-NFL-approved German beer–gifted to him by dear friend Gisele Bündchen. Privately shunning Bud Light, the Official Beer of the NFL, is a small way to stick it to The Man.

Barely Branded. Sometimes Belichick wears a gray hoodie from Walmart that he drew the Patriots logo on with a sharpie.

Uh… wow, Coach B, that turned out pretty good! No wonder the NFL doesn’t notice.

No Shower. Are you happy now, NFL? Cut-off hoodie, bed head, and hey, why bother showering? Just going to work up a sweat on the sidelines anyway. Patriots win 99% of their games, so he’s likely to have Gatorade dumped on him, so then he’ll be all sticky. Belichick decided to only shower after the game. (Environmentalists love him!)

Rolling around in a pile of manure. The finishing touch. The Pats have the best luck when it’s horse manure, but cow works in a pinch.

He managed to locate a horse! Tom Brady won’t throw any picks today!

Challenge yourself during the Monday Night game–see if you can spot the manure stains on Belichick’s hoodie! Bonus points if you can determine horse or cow.

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