SNF Showdown

If you missed last night’s Sunday Night Football on NBC, you missed a doozy!

Viewers tuned in as Carrie Underwood promised a “righteous showdown” between the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya were ready for a thrilling game between these two NFL powerhouses. But the game got off to a slow start and never seemed to pick up. Al, Cris, and Michele were doing their best to keep the folks at home interested, they pulled out all the stops–they shared fun trivia, asked some off the wall interview questions, even showed a full episode of Game of Thrones. They just couldn’t keep people hooked on the most boring game in SNF history!

NBC realized that drastic measures were needed to keep viewers from switching over to the History Channel’s new series on White House dinnerware. They told longtime SNF coworkers Al and Cris to fight to the death!

Al and Cris in an office showdown!

While the lowest scoring 4th quarter in recent memory played out, Al and Cris attacked each other with chairs, microphones, anything they could get their hands on! Record numbers of viewers flipped back to NBC to watch this epic beatdown. Carrie Underwood herself tuned in and watched in horror. Luckily the game ended before things could get too serious, so our friends Al, Cris, and Michele will all be back next weekend. Hopefully Indianapolis and Kansas City will put on more of a show so Al and Cris don’t have to!

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