Most Common Penalties

If u watched the Sunday games, u prolly saw A LOT of penalties.  U might b asking urself, “What r the most common penalties in football”?.  Look no further 4 the answers!

Delay of Game
We can’t get enough football! Sometimes its nice when the game lasts a little longer.

The most common peanalty in the NFL is Delay of Game.  Fun fact, this is actually part of the Green Bay Packers offensive strategy!  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers likes to keep opposing teams defensive lines on there toes.  Sometimes it doesn’t work, and the Packers get a delay of game.  But other times, there’s a D line man who is totally confused!  “They’re going to snap the ball!  Wait no their not.  Okay, Aaron Rodgers is talking.  Now he’s clapping… wait, those r fake claps!  How the heck does he do it??  Okay, he’s talking, they’re def snapping it now.  Never mind… okay now!  No… okay now!  No, faked again, dang it!  Well, it has to be now, they only have 2 seconds!  I’m just gonna run!”  Tweet tweet tweet tweet!!!  “Dang it, I got a neutral zone infraction! 😦  Aaron Rodgers does it again!”

Excessive Celebration
Celebrating is legal now!

In the olden days, celebrating ur touchdown was a crime.  But then one day a few years ago Commissioner Roger Goodell saw a really cute celebration where the Minnesota Vikings played duck duck goose after a touchdown, and his frozen heart was thawed!  There are still some limits to celebrations, though.

Still illegal:

  • Taking off ur helmet.  This is dangerous, man, there r footballs everywhere!  B safe!
  • Fire
  • Vaping (plz set a good example for the kids!)
  • Mooning the camera
  • Flipping off the camera
  • Throwing the camera into the crowd
  • Knives and swords
  • Cats, exceptions made for mascots
Personal Fouls
Birds are the most popular animal in the NFL!  Be gentle though their bones are hollow

Stats don’t lie, the Cleveland Brown is the most bird team in the NFL!

False Starts
False footballs tarts as a function of time

This one speaks for itself!

Enjoy the Sunday Night Game!

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