Le’Veon Bell Sightings

Ever since the preseason, Steelers fans and football aficionados have been waiting for the return of Le’Veon Bell.  Although Mr. Bell has not officially announced the date of his return, friends, coworkers, and fantasy football owners continue to speculate.  People around the world have reported sightings of the famed running back in the hopes of gathering clues about the date of his triumphant return!

Here is a pic of LeVeon Bell enjoying a pumpkin spice coffee at a Pittsburgh Starbucks!  According to the Mayan calendar, The Return of the Bell will occur on December 18th, 2020.  Plenty of time to go from pumpkin spice to holiday peppermint!
Yesterday visitors to the Eiffel Tower snapped this pic of Mr. Bell picking out his next Paris destination! What a jet setter!
Last night Mr. Bell & his friends reportedly watched the Monday Night game at a New York sports bar. Here is none other than Le’Veon Bell himself wearing one of those cool horse masks from the internet! So zany!

Whether Le’Veon Bell is enjoying a well deserved vacation in Spain or is brushing up on sweet football moves in his home gym, we hope he comes back ready to have fun and finish up the season!

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