Don’t Forget!

Synonymous with brightly colored leaves and pumpkin spice coffee, pink NFL gear is an iconic symbol of October.

This year, however, there is no pink to be seen.  In fact, 67% percent of Americans didn’t even realize that September was over.  Calendars across the nation remain stuck on September 31st as viewers tune into football every Sunday and shake their heads in confusion.  Whether the decision to abandon pink gear is due to rumored copyright infringement lawsuit from Victorias Secret or Alecia Beth Moore, we may never know.

Recent studies have shown a sharp decrease in breast cancer every October!  Whoa.  Leading researchers believe that as awareness increases and the color pink increases, cancer rates decrease.

Oct Graph
Record numbers of Tatas are saved every October!  Great work, everyone!!

But we can’t let breast cancer make a comeback just because our fave athletes aren’t sporting pink gloves & shoes!  People, don’t forget about breast exams! Have a happy & healthy Pinktober!

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