Super Bowl LI Pool

It’s that time of year again!  In just 6 days the England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will compete in the ultimate football super champoinship bowl game!  Wow it seems like we just had a super footbowl and now another one is right around the corner!  And as this event approaches, there is one queston on everyone’s mind: how do i celebrate the 74th ANnual Football Super Championship Bwol with my coworkers?

The best way to celebrate the worlds greatest football event at work is to have a Annual Super Football Champinshop Bowl Ultimate Grid Pool Game with all ur work friends!

Hears how it works!  You get a grid and put 100 squares in it.  Cool!  Next step is you right the name of one team on the top and the other team on the side.  Put some numbers in the boxes in the top row and the left column.  If u did it right, it will look like this:

Wow!  Looks great!

Nice work!  Okay now have your work chums write there names in the boxes!  Only one name per box.  Then when the game is over, you just look at the scores and follow the grid and find out who won!  Yay!

What happens if you don’t have 100 work friends? 😦  That sucks.  But dont worry!  You don’t have to have a name on every square!  Some people write in things in the squares like “office pizza party” or “everyone gets the afternoon off!”  Then, if the final score is in that particular square, everyone wins!  Whoa!!  But if you want to make things more interesting, here are some alternative suggestions for the empty squares:

  • $500 is taken out of everyone’s next paycheck 😦  awwww bummer
  • Every 1 in the office has to eat a spider
  • Every body on the 2nd floor gets 10 mandatory unpaid weeks of vacation
  • Everybody on the 1st floor must talk like a pirate until next years Ultimate Super Footbowl Champion Pool Games
  • The person who drinks the most coffee in the office has to resign
  • Everyone on the 3rd floor is fired!!!  unless u don’t have a 3rd floor, then literally everyone involved is fired sorry
  • Ur boss has to get a tattoo of the super footbowel mvp on his or her calf
  • Office pizza party except order the pizza, let it sit in the office fridge until next years Super Feet Ultimate Bowl, and the person who doesnt get food poisoning wins the grand prize
  • Every day for the rest of the year is “Officicial Office Bring Ur Parents-in-Law to Work Day”
  • New Office Pet: his name is Mr. Sparkly Soft McRainbow the Hungry Anaconda
  • The snack machine will be broken for the next 5 years

Happy Gaming!

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