Welcome 2 Football 2016!

The great Foootball Draught of 2016 is nearing an end!  If u were lucky enough to turn on the tv this weekend, u might have caught a glimpse of our college NFL junior players in their first games of the season!  With proper nourishment and care, these baby junior NFLers will become full grown adult NFL players in 1 to 5 years!  Best of luck this season, kiddos!  Stay hydrated!

National NFL Football games begin on Thursday night with the Thursday edition of Sunday Night Football.  This thrilling match will b a showdown between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Bucking Broncos.  Rumor has it this could be the team’s last season as the Denver Broncos!  John Elway and the Broncos have taken on a major re-branding effort, and current research indicates that the team would be 90% more popular if the name were changed to the Papa Johns Denver Bucking Peyton Manning Broncos.  Marketing experts are currently canvassing the Denver area (and eventually all of Colorado) to get input on new team logos n colors.  So far, the winning jersey option is yellow with red and green dots, so it looks like a cheesy pizza with pepperoni and green olives or w/e.  The first place logo option right now is just a sketch of Peyton Manning flipping the bird.  idk that probably won’t last after the marketing team collects more data.  But u never know!  Football is full of surprises.

This could be the future of the Denver Papa John Manning Broncos!

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