Hurry!!! Time is running out!

If u want to get into one of those one-day or four-hour long fantasy teams, this could b ur last chance!  Today the ppl of Nevada decided that these short term fantasy football leagues are just like gambling!  😦  If Nevada aka the Casino capital of the world thinks its gambling the rest of the world is sure to follow.  idk sounds like jealousy, Nevada is the only state in the onion that doesn’t have its own football team and these fun little innocent fantasy leagues are a threat to the casino industry.  It just smells fishy is all.

Its just too bad, ppl were just starting to get into the brand new 10-second horse race sites (its just like it sounds!  Horse races are divided into 10 second increments and then u pick which horses u think will be winning or w/e) and the Ultimate One Game Poker Tournament (u just pick the winner of 1 game, not the whole tournament!) and now all these neat new websites will prolly b shut down, too.

Anyway if u know u have what it takes to earn some extra cash playing a four-hour fantasy league, u can still hurry!  B sure to use promo code “weswearitsnotgambling” to get the website to match ur bet!  If u are rly bummed about this whole thing, be sure to check out this helpful resource.  GL, everyone!  Remember football should b fun!

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