Saturday Night NFL College Football!

If u’ve turned on a tv today, u have prolly seen some commercials about the exciting NFL College game tonight between the Notre Dame Fihgting Irish and the Clemson Tigers.  This is such a rare treat for everyone because rarely in NFL College games do we get to see 2 undeafeated teams play against each other!  If u are thinking about going to bed early 2nite or just watching a movie or some seinfeld reruns, here are the top 10 reasons to tune in to ABC tonight!

Notre Dame vs Clemson! Here is what there helmets look like so you don’t get confused during the game, ND is gold n Clemson is orange.

10.  Two Undefeated teams!  And its already week 4!  Seriously, this might not happen again for 30 or 40 years, it’s like the red moon we all saw last week.  It just doesn’t happen every football season.

9.  New NFL College Weather Hazzard!  It was rumored this week that the game would be cancelled because of the hurricane, but then Roger Goodell and the NCAA got together and decided that this was the best week to test their new policy on weather!  The new controversial weather policy (section IXXXV, article 5.6 on the NFL College Ultimate Official Rulebook) states that no matter how wild the weather is “the game must go on!”  That’s the spirit, ppl!!!  THIS IS FOOTBALL!!!!

8. U CAN PULL A FOOTBALL ALL NIGHTER!  Remember back in high school n college when u n ur friends would stay up all night?  Maybe there was a cool party or maybe u were studying for a exam, those sure were the good ol’ days!  Well NOW u can relive that because of the exciting NFL London Game tomorrow morning!!  The College NFL game will end, u can go get some coffee or energy drinks, watch the seinfeld reruns you didn’t watch b/c u were busy being cool and watching college football, and THEN guess what u can watch ANOTHER FOOTBALL GAME!  Life is beautiful.

7. Potential Pile Ups!  If u have watched a clemson game, u know the football players all go running down that slope after they pay homage to their school mascot, The Rock.  Well once or twice a season, as all the players r running down the slope, one of them at the front trips n they all go rolling down and pile up at the bottom!  its hilarious, u won’t want to miss it.

6. 50% Injuries!  half of Notre Dame’s starting players have gotten hurt already this season, that’s what happens when u forget to eat ur lucky charms b4 the big game.  if the Clesmon players fall down their slope, half of them will b hurt, too!  Tonight’s game will be the ultimate test of depth!

5. FOMO.  FOMO stands for fear of missing out!  U should b especially afraid b/c ABC is keeping track of who does or doesn’t watch this game.  If u decide to watch some other channel or a movie or heaven forbid if ur tv is off, in the spirit of football, ABC will come to ur house and release a bunch of hungry tigers or angry leprechauns to devour u or kick u in the balls or w/e.  So B AFRAID and tune in!

4. Noter Dame and Clesmon need our support!  This game is officially the LATEST football game to EVER be played on a Saturday!  Since 6AM this morning, fans of those schools have been on the Clemson campus for game day!  So much fun, we got to see them tailgaiting n cheering for their fave teams!  But the game doesn’t start until 8PM tonight!  That’s over half a day of being awake, drinking n eating and cheering.  Rumor has it the stadium at Clemson has already started brewing coffee for the fans tonight.  Those football palyers worked so hard to be undefeated so far and when their on the field tonight, they are going to look up and see that all their fans have fallen asleep!!  Don’t make those poor kids feel sad, tune in n show ur love of NFL College gameday!

2. New Uniforms!  For this thrilling game, both teams ordered brand new uniforms!  Notrer Dame, famous for not having last names on its jerseys and being super confusing, has decided to also give all their players the same number for tonights game!!  Tonight, everyone on the Irish will be #6!  So neat.  But they will not b outdone by Clmeson!  The Clemson science department cloned a bunch of tigers and shaved them to make cool tiger outfits for the team tonight!  Keep on innovating, ND n Clemson!

and last but not least the ULTIMATE reason to watch the NFL College game tonight!

1. If u miss this game, all ur family n friends will think u are a huge loser n never speak to u again or invite u to parties or game watches.

Happy College NFL Watching!!!

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