The MNF Football Cam Makes Its Way to Lambeau

Last week, the brand new ESPN Monday Night Football Cam showed us some really sweet angles during the Jets n Colts game.  Well at this very moment, the monday night football is making its way to Lambeau field in Green Bay for tonights game between the Packers n the Kansas City Chiefs Other Footballs.  We can’t wait to see video of the game through the eyes of the Fotball Camera!

For now, lets take a look at the images from the Footblal Cam on its first journey to Lambo!

Here is the Monday Nite Ftooball Cam inside its official ESPN Duffel Bag! En route to the airport, then on to the big game, so excited!
Here the Oficial ESPNMNF Cam waits in line at airport security! Some former ESPN employee forgot to get the Football Cam a Gold Member Priority One Most Epic Ultra Cool Money Maker Boarding Pass, so the Football Cam has to wait in line with us basics.
Here is the ESPN Monday MNF Football Cam getting poked with a cotton swab by TSA! Thanks 4 always looking out for us, TSA! We dont know what ur testing for, but ROCK ON!
Here the MNF FOotball Cam waits in line to get on an airplane! So exciting!!
Wow! The flight wasn’t full so the ESPMNFCAM got upgraded to first class! The flight attendant even brought the Fotballl Cam a airplane pin! What a cool souvenir from the first ever MNF camera plane trip!
When in rome! Here the Monday Football Night ESPN Cam samples some free champagne during the flight! This is the last image recorded by the expensive football camera.

Wow, what an exciting adventure!  Bon Voyage, MNF Cam!  See u 2nite!

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