Monday Night Football Camera

In the Monday Night NFL Football Game between the Colts n Jets, we got see some really awesome footage from the brand new official ESPN pylon camera!  It was super exciting n really let us fans see how the touchdown happens!  We finally got to see what the pylon sees every week!

ESPN is working on some really awesome camera angles for next season.  Rumor has it there will actually be a camera INSIDE THE FOOTBALL!!!!!  The NFL’s top scientists r researching this as we speak to make the new camera football the same weight as the current one.  The official NFL CamFootball will be waaaaay harder to deflate!  GL with that one, Tom Brady!

Here is the official NFL CamFootball about to be passed! Wow great grip youve got there, Big Ben!
The CamFootball gives us a great view of the night sky as it sails thru the air!! Hey is that orions belt?! Wow! Of course if the stadium has a roof we will just b looking at some rafters or w/e. Maybe well see a pigeon or Billy the Seahawk!
As the ball sails out of Aaron Rodgers’s hand in a perfect spiral, we get a up close view of the field this is what our fave players n footballs see every week!
Here is what the football sees right as its about to b caught by star receiver Odell Beckham Jr! Great play making, everyone!

ESPN is also working on developing a CamNewton, the camera that QB Cam Newton will wear during the Monday Night Game!  Such a cool idea!  Cam Newton will wear the CamNewton even when the Panthers aren’t playing!  It will b just like we’re hanging out with him watching the game!  Already can’t wait for next season, keep on innovating, ESPN!

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