Top 10 College Football Songs

If ur watching the college NFL games today, u r prolly noticing the biggest difference between Regular NFL and College NFL: the college NFL teams have their very own marchings bands!  So cool!!!  (Well technically NFL teams have Ozzy Osbourne but he sings 4 all of them, he doesn’t choose favorites.  Also he doesn’t march anywhere.)  Here are the 10 songs u are most likely to hear at a college NFL game!

  1.  Crazy Train:  Because of Ozzy’s huge time committments on Sunday, he usually takes Saturdays off.  Soooooo thats where the bands come in!  Nothing says Game Day like Crazy Train being played by a bunch of 19-year-olds with trumpets!
  2. Living on a Prayer:  This song get played A TON because for inexplicable reasons, college kids love it and want 2 sing a lot with it!  Anytime the band’s approval rating dips belows 30%, they just play everyone’s fave Bon Jovi song until their back up to 75% great idea, future presidents should prolly give that a try!
  3. Hang On Sloopy U r most likely to hear this song at a Ohio State NFL game while the band does their special routine where they dot the I and cross the T.
  4. Don’t Stop Believing: ok this classic gets played in 99% of college games, hugely popular, another option for getting the band’s approval rating to go up.
  5. The Theme Song from iCarly: well this one was a huge surprise to us, but apparently the crowd really gets into this one??
  6. The Theme Song from NCIS:  this song is super tricky to play but if ur marching band is good enough, the crowd loves this hit show with its quirky cast, so if the football team isnt scoring u may as well make the fans happy by reminding them of the exciting new season of there fave show!
  7. The Sunday Night Football Anthem:  This is a classic song about football, sure 2 get the fans n teams pumped up!
  8. American Pie the Extended Version: Sometimes if the team needs extra recovery time in the locker room, the band will play the long version of everyone’s fave Oldie!  The extended edition is almost 30 minutes long, perfect for giving the players time to get hydrated and catch up on some homework.
  9. Ode To Joy: The very first #1 Hit!  This song gets played at 100% of games!
  10. March of the Middle C Twins This is a very basic piano song, the single note is hauntingly beautiful when played by the entire band, very inspiring.

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