Thursday Nite Microphone Outtakes, #4 so surprising!

If u watched the Thursday Night Fotball game last night, u prolly enjoyed the cool “Mic’d Up” feature that lets us know how pumped up our fave players are!  We get to hear cool pep talks, its like we’re all part of the team!  Well, here are the Microphone Up Outtakes that we didn’t get to see on TV!

1. Peyton Manning was heard over on the sideline talking on the phone to Papa John.  Judgeing by Petyon Manning’s half of the convo, he left his shift at the pizza parlor early to go to a football game!!  Guess it’s just hard to find reliable employees anymore, smh.  Later we saw Papa John arrive to bring some pizzas to the Broncos, he drove all the way from denver so obviously no hard feelings there!

2. At one point during the game, Peyton Manning’s brother Eli Manning showed up because Roger Gooddell messed up his Outlook calendar event invites n sent a reminder about the game to the wrong Manning brother!  Eli was overheard giving a loud sigh of relief n then saying hi to his bro.  Then he left to fly back to New York.

3.  Another phone call with Papa John except this time on the Kansas City sideline!  Jamaal Charles was lip reading Peyton Manning’s phone call convo with Papa John, and as soon as he realized Peyton Manning was supposed 2 b at his other job, Jamaal Charles ordered 100 pizzas lol. He thought maybe Papa John would swing by the stadium n bring Peyton the ingredients so he could make the pizzas when he wasn’t busy being a QB and then he would be really frazzled and distracted, and maybe that would give the Kansas City Other Footballs the advantage!  What a prankster!  Unfortunately for Jamaal Charles, Papa John just made the pizzas himself n delivered them to the Broncos by mistake so then the Broncos ate all of Jamaal Charles’s pizzas.

4.  RB Ronnie “The Hill Man” Hillman was overheard talking to CJ Anderson about where he was going to get pizza after the game.  He rly wanted some Papa Johns pizzas, but he also didn’t want to give Peyton Manning some more business… that’s the tough part about being a NFL players.  Us fans get to see all the commercials so we know where to go 4 pizza, but Ronnie Hill Man hasn’t seen a pizza commercial in almost 4 years!!!

4.  Whenever Broncos kicker Brandon McManus was on the field, the players on both sidelines could b heard muttering the word “anus” over n over.  Brandon Mcanus says he wont have time to change his name until the season is over and he hopes that won’t affect his image too much.  He put a suggestion box in the Broncos locker room for what he should change his name to, but so far the only suggestions hes gotten have said “anus” and “just regular anus, no McM in front of it” and “mcAnus”.

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