Play Fantasy Football, Earn Money

So football season is now in full swing but our economy is still down.  We would all like to earn a little extra cash, am i right?  Well NOW u can earn money while playing fantasy football!  Imagine that, getting paid 2 do what u love!  But you don’t have time to wait all season being in a cash league, u can’t even wait a single day.  Single day fantasy football is for chumps.  Here are some shorter n faster ways to make a little fantasy football $$$.

This is just a little pile of fantasy football earnings! By the end of the season, u could be like the Duck Tales swimming in a pool of money!

One-game fantasy football.  that’s right, u heard it hear first.  One. Game. Fantasy.  how cool is that.  instead of going thru rosters and picking out players from different teams and then having to wait ALL DAY to get the results, you can get ur money in less than 4 hours!  thats rite ppl LESS THAN 4 HOURS!  all u have to do is pick which team u think will win and maybe pick what u think the score will be and that’s it!  the best part about one-game fantasy football is that u can play up to 15 times per day!!!  Remember ppl u only get out what you put in so SPEND BIG n lets get our wallets full n our economy back on track!  If u need help getting into a one-game league or managing ur funds, there r friendly one-game fantasy experts just waiting down at ur local racetrack!

One-Hour Fantasy Football.  This is the ultimate extreme.  U just pick ur players and an hour of time and then wait to see how ur team does!  Best of all this game can be played ONE HUNDRED TIMES A DAY!!!  Just b careful, u might accidentally pick someone who is on half-time.  U have to really pay attention.  high risk high reward HIGH FUN!

Ultimate Prop Bet Battle. This one is for the folks who don’t really like the “football” part of “fantasy football” but still want to do something fun on Sundays!  U dont have to have a lot of football knowledge, just a positive attitude n be ready to have a great time!  How long will the national anthem last?  How many jets will fly over the stadium?  How many fence cut-outs are in the crowd?  How many kooky hats will the fans be wearing?  Will the final score be odd or even?  What color will the gatorade be?  Get ready for some wild, educated guesses n A TON OF FUN!

Their u go!  As long as your watching football, u may as well b earning money!  Good luck n have a great fantasy season day hour!


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