Mascots Thru the Years

We all know that the infamous Washington Footballs have had some mascot issues lately.  Here are the NFL mascots who have changed the most throughout football history!

5. The Green and White G.  Originally the Green Bay Packers were named after the Acme Packing Company so as u can imagine there first mascot was a steak.  Wildly unpopular among the vegetarians of Wisconsin, “Big Tim the Steak” was blamed for the Blizzard of ’51 and the Cheese Mold Epidemic of ’52, which nearly destroyed Wisconsin’s econonomy.  The people of Green Bay voted, and “Big Tim the Steak” was replaced with “The Green and White G” and the Packers have been the winningest team ever since!

Going from the Steak to the Big Green and White G was a bold move!

4. The Bengals.  A little known fact is that Cincannati’s fave football team was supposed to be called the Cincinnati Bangles, and there gimmick would be that every time the team ran out on the field, they would play “Manic Monday” in the stadium.  The third down song would be “Walk Like An Egyptian” the Bangles’s first big hit!  The Bangles were super honored to have a football team named after them and promised to go to every game and play their greatest hits live for all the fans!  Unfortunately somebody in the administration made a typo when filling out the team paperwork, and they wrote “Bengals” instead n the rest is history.

3. St. Louis Rams.  Obviously they were supposed to be called the St. Louis Thomas Jefferson Arches, we have no idea what happened.  Thomas Jefferson our nations 3rd president often called the Jefferson Arch his greatest achievement.  When he was designing his gravestone, all he wanted on it was a sketch of the Great Jefferson Arch, but then his kids started fighting n added some stuff about schools or w/e.  St. Louis promised to name their football team after his arch, but then they took that away from him, too.  Conspiracy theorists argue that from the right angle, the ram horns on the helmets almost look like Thomas Jefferson Arches.

Original concept art for the St. Louis Thomas Jefferson National Great Arches helmets. The “c” is a sideways arch, so neat.

2. Arizona Cardinals.  The people of Arizona have always liked “Arizona Cards” but what most people don’t know is that Cards was supposed to be like a deck of cards, not an abbreviation for cardinal.  People voted on real cool jerseys that would have a playing card design on the back and some players would be kings or jokers instead of numbers.  It was going to be totally boss, but then another admin error happened.  The Cards owner was sending an email on his phone and stupid autocorrect decided to change “Cards” into “Cardinals” what a huge bummer.

1. Miami Dolphins.  This team has always been called the Miami Dolphins because everyone in the world likes dolphins (seriously just try to find one person who has negative feelings toward dolphins) but they soon realized that their cool, friendly animals just wouldn’t stand up to the bloodthirsty big cats like Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers or the super patriotic New England Patriots and Washington Footballs.  So over the years, they slowly made their mascot more and more badass.  Way to go, Miami!  Keep on innovating!!

Remember u can’t take chain saws into the stadium!

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