Merry Football Eve, Every1!!!

if u are reading this ConGRATULATIONS U MADE IT THRU THE FOTBALL DROUGHT OF 2015!!!!!  WHEW!  We did it!!!

all right thursday nite where r u

Tomorrow night we will get to see two of our fave teams THE INFAMOUS deflategate culprits the Patriots and THE NOTORIOUS bumblebee aficionados the Steelers in an epic Thursday Night Edition of Sunday Night Football!  We just need to hold on for a few more hours, only 1 more work day, and then we get to bask in the glory of america’s fave pastime.  so just relax n try to get thru this ONE LAST DAY!!!  fun fact in some parts of the country it’s thursday already!  if youre lucky enough to live somewhere thats Thursday congrats on being closer to football!  Just hang in there, west coast, it will all b okay!  don’t forget to stop at the store after work and get some of america’s national beverage Coors Light and America’s national chips Lays Sour Cream n Onion and get ready 4 the game!  Football is back!!!

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