Football in the News This Week

players sometimes use a specially designed football racket during the games

just when we thought the season would never come the world got to see some really exciting preseason games this past week in the United Kingdom!  Just when the United States reached an agreement to play a whole bunch of regular season games in the UK!  So exciting what a big week full of football news.

On the special Monday Night Wimbledon event the football players lit the official eternal flame torch of Football on Mount Olympus signaling the start of the annual UK Football Week.

A whole bunch of celebrities were clamoring to be seen at Wimbledon rooting for their fave teams!  One day Kate Winslet showed up and she thought she was going to be the most famous person there but THEN that guy from Sherlock Holmes n the Hobbit showed up and threw some shade on Titanic and Kate Winslet got sad because she forgot to be in movies after Titanic but THEN William n Kate showed up with the royal children and everyone forgot there was even a football game going on!  if you check out the video footage from the game on Tuesday there is an 11 minute gap in the game where all the camera men were focusing on the royal baby and trying to see what designer brand of dress she had chosen for the big game!

Some former football greats were also in attendance but no one took any pics of them because the Royal Babies kept showing up to the football games.  RUmor has it Royal Baby Charlotte’s first word was “football”!

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