happy bday to the home of football!

here is some fanart of the US flag
here is some fanart of the US flag

on July 4th America celebrates its bday!!!  Wow happy bday america can’t believe ur already 300 years old!!!!  in honor of the birthplace of football, here r some fun facts about the United States:

  • America has 25 official theme songs, including America the Beautiful, R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., that one real cool Toby Keith song, and My Humps
  • 60% of ppl around the world can find the United States on the map!
  • The #1 song the year America was born was Beethovens ode to joy
  • The Founding Fathers
  • 9 billion ppl visit the nations capitol every year!  there is a lot to do in washington DC like history, souvenirs, president stuff, and museums.
  • The Official Comic of America is “Peanuts” the one about those kids and there dog.  U can find it every day in the funnies which is weird b/c it isn’t really funny.  the main character is this kid named Charlie Brown he tries to play a lot of sports and stuff but he always derps something up and then worries about it which isnt funny at all really i mean we have enough problems without having to worry about him not hitting a home run in the big game
  • America has three branches of goverment: the President, the Vice President, and WE THE PPL b/c it is a democracy
  • The Official Movie of the United States is the one with Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith
  • America’s first president was George Washington he once chopped down a cherry tree and turned it into a kick ass set of dentures after he retired from the president he invented peanut butter
  • America’s favorite pasttime is football but a little known fact is that America’s second favorite passtime is netflix
  • among americans the top 3 worst fears are spiders and heights
  • every year americans spend 7 billion dollars on fireworks wow!  thats one sweet way to say happy bday to america!!!  thank u for giving us football n freedom!!!!


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