Beware of Football Commercials

u have prolly noticed the huge sports drought, it happens every year as all sports everywhere shut down following the football ultra champion Super Bowel.  Each year ppl around the world tune in to watch the ultimate game of Sports and then they turn off theyre TVs for good until the football season starts up again in August with some pretend practice football games that don’t actually matter but ppl are so starved for sports after the Annual Summer Sports Drought (also known as the Annual Winter Sports Drought if u live in Austrialia) that they will watch literally anything if it has a football in it.  in fact if u pay attention to commercials they will start including more n more footballs as the summer goes on.  2 years ago in july Mcdonalds rolled out a new hamburger that was made of 120% lettuce and old ground up happy meals toys and guess what–people went crazy over it b/c the commercial showed the 7-time super bowel Champoin Brett Farve wearing some real cool jeans and throwing a football to a golden retriever named Jim.  Then Jim runs over to Brett but instead of bringing him the football, Jim is carrying the infamous McRonald Donald Lettuce n Garbage Burger and Brett Favre gives the dog a good natured pat on the head before taking a big ol bite of the McRonald burger.  Everyone and his brother wanted to get their hands on a Ronald McRonald burger thanks 2 Brett Favre, Football, and Jim the Golden Retreiver.  That’s just a fun fact to keep in mind during the Football Drought ok keep an eye out for commercials like that but don’t fall for there traps just b/c u really miss watching football.

Hear is what the commercial looked like Jim is running off to obtain the delicious McRonald Donald Lettuce N Garbage Burger available for a limited time only get yours today ba da da da da lovin it

Don’t buy garbage the drought will b over soon JUST B STRONG!!!!

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