Super Bowl XLIX

So you’re in HUGE trouble: YOU FORGOT 2 WATCH THE FOOTBALL SUPER BOWL!!!  its really embarrassing and you called in sick to work three days in a row 2 avoid all the small talk that goes along with the super bowl.  but every1 knows that you cant miss more than 3 days of work in a row without a doctors note so HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS ur coworkers will prolly ask u about the super bowl and the answers u should give so u can go to work tomorrow!!!

Q: hey did u watch teh super bowl?

A: YES OF COURSE I DId!  in fact i hosted a super bowl marathon n watched reruns of the last 7 years of supers bowls b/c i am a true football fan. it was a big event, a lot of famous ppl were there like Joe Biden, Kate Winslet, n Tiger Woods

Q: Oh neat who were u rooting for?

A: the patriots!  (even if u were rooting 4 the Seattle Seahorse u HAVE TO SAY PATRIOTS!!!!!!  everyone will think ur dumb n hate u if you were rooting for the losing team.  rite now pete Carroll’s approval rating is even lower than President Hoover after he was overheard saying that he really didn’t like that dam thats why American got so depressed 100 years ago.  u definitely dont want to have any connection to Seattle.  In fact if u have any Seahawks merch u should prolly burn it or bury it.  if u live in seattle u should prolly start thinking about moving.)

Q: What did u think of the half time show?

A: my fave part was when Tom petty rode in on a lion and won the lipsync contest to that song about tigers.  my second favorite part was at 6 min 23 sec when Matthew Perry did a cool wardrobe change n dressed up like a firework.  My 3rd fave part was

O: oh yeah well i don’t believe u watched the game whats the super secret bowl CODE WORD?

A: LEFT SHARK.  (don’t worry about it, just remember left shark.)

Q well then what was Bill Bellichcik wearing?

A: he was wearing one of his over 11 million hoodies

Q: waht kind of food did u have during the game


Q: what was the fnal score?

A. (DON’t answer this is a trick question!!!  just pretend 2 start coughing n then run away)

Q: Did u like the special commercials

A: YES omg super bowl commercials r the best!!  i would watch the game only for the commericals except i’m hte worlds biggest football fan.

What happened during the game did u win the prop bets?

A: yes i won by correctly predicting 7.2 interceptions, 557 total yards, the national anthem would last for 10 minutes, Pete Carroll would b wearing Bill Bellichick’s hoodie, Richard Sherman’s baby would b born during the half time show and he n his gf would name it Tom Brady Football Sherman, the final score would have a “4” in it, 50% of the ppl after the game would b real sad, 9.2 billion hot dogs and 400 pounds of buffalo wings would b consumed during the game, the most valuable football would be Bill Bellichick, the half time show would start at the end of the 2nd quarter, Katie Petty would sing a song that was 4+ years old, the last play of the game would be a taking a knee, 60 pounds of confetti would fall on the field after the game, and 100% of the super bowl commercials would feature golden retrievers.

OK that is all u need to know 2 make small talk at work about the super bowl 2morrow!!  Good luck at the office go get em!

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