Beginners Guide too Basketball

Okay so we all know the sands of football are falling thru the hourglass.  next weekend is the very last college football game between the Ohio Brutus and the Oregon Enormous Yellow O’s (there is some serious drama between the “O” states hopefully no 1 will secede or w/e) and then Febuary 1st is the 75th annual SUPER BOWL so cool.  Their will b a ton of kind of funny commercials that prolly won’t b as funny as the commercials during the regular season.  the Super Bwol is always a huge blowout and then the season is over.  sooooooo time to look @ basketball!!!

Here is what u need 2 know about Basketball to watch teh rest of the season:

  • Basketballs are orange.  some ppl think its a fashion faux pas to wear orange in the spring but basketballs do it to blend in to their natural habitats.
  • there r always 12 men on the field, the 12th man is the basketball
  • The field is actually a court
  • unlike football basketball has four quarters
  • All of the basketball teams are named after real cool animals or trains
  • sometimes in basketball
  • Did you know that the mascot for the Denver Nuggets makes more annually than vice president Joe Biden.
  • the very 1st basketball was made out of corn husks, pudding, and a pigs bladder.  that why u hear ppl say “hey wanna go toss that ol’ pigs bladder around?’  it is a reference to the olden days of basketball
  • Basketball was 1st played by the ancinet Egyptians.
  • Abe Lincoln was once a really promising center but then a hamstring injury forced him 2 go into politics
  • the top two most popular basketball movies: Space Jam and the Minis.
  • the least popular basketball movie is Air Bud: Sorry Dogs Aren’t Allowed On The Basketball Court I’m Afraid We’ll Have To Ask You To Leave

Good luck watching some B-Ball games!!  (that’s what you have to call it, b-ball is short for basketball.)

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