2015 NFL Playoffs Finally Revealed

this evening President Obama finally announced which teams made it to the playoffs next weekend.  in case u missed it, it was really dramatic he called some of the coaches forward to receive a single rose but other coaches didn’t get one.  that means there journey to the playoffs has ended until next year.  But in some cases thats probably for the best.  Now the Cardinals can focus on the rabbit infestation at the stadium.  rumor has it Matt Stafford plans to return too Denny’s n maybe write a book about all his zany coworkers and the fun ppl that come in for breakfast every day and the cool stories they tell about there lives as he gets to know them better.  The Steelers need time to reflect on the timing of their lucky bumblebee costumes.  95% of the team members reported feeling sad that they couldn’t wear the bee outfits today against the Ravens.  we can look forward to seeing more of their bumblebee duds next year unless Transformers wins their lawsuit against the steelers.  the bengals just had bad luck, everyone knows that cat themed teams only have a 3% chance of winning a super bowl.  its nothing personal its just statistics.

next week is WEEK 19 already wow.  On saturday we will see Ravens vs Ravens and Panthers vs Seahawks.  another pro tip bird teams never win.  even tho the ravens are just playing themselves in a scrimmage they will still prolly lose.  but panthers vs seahawks should be cool to watch, theres a nostalgia factor of cats vs birds like all those old Sylvester n Tweety cartoons lol.  those rascals used to get in so much trouble!

On Sunday we get to see Cowboys n Packers and Colts vs the bucking Broncos.  their is a ton of drama with the clots and broncos there’s only room enough for 1 horse team in the league.  srsly whats with all these animals?  the cowboys and packers will prolly b the most watched game because no one is trying to dress it up with some cutesy animal COME ON PPL THIS IS FOOTBALL.  we dont need kitties n birdies to enjoy the game.  ppl who don’t know about football r saying that the Cowboys n Packers game will be a qb showdown.  but we all know that Tony Romo just hasn’t put in the work in the gym that Aaron Rodgers has this year.  just sayin when was the last time tony Romo pulled a tank down the streets in subzero wether?

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