2015 Bowl Games sponsers

its so sad 2 think that the college bowl games r almost over! 😦  theres pretty much just the championship games but idk if n e one actually watches those.  but fear not!! we have some really exciting ones to look forward to next year!!  Here are just a few of the bowl games we can look forward to seeing next year!

the TwitBookInstaBowl sponsored by all our fave social media sites!!  the team with teh most likes gets a 10 point lead at the start of the game!!!  that might sound unfair but the other team has the chance to settle the score after halftime with 10 points of there own!  but only if ppl tweet about them 4 million times during the 1st two quarters.  and THERE IS A TWIST!!!  u might think the “insta” stands 4 instagram but it actually stands for instant MASHED POTATOES the field will be covered in them

The Foster Farms Fight Hunger You Selfish A-Holes Bowl  a lot of u were sad that suddenly this bowl game became about chickens instead of fighting hunger.  some ppl suddenly werent’ sure what to do about hunger, idek how many ppl started supporting it.  but their bringing FIGHT HUNGER back next year!  yay!  everyone going 2 this game is encouraged 2 bring a frozen chicken breast and then all the chickens breast will be mailed to impoverished countries.  foster farms was reportedly really sad about the censorship in the name of this bowl game, it really undermines the point they were trying 2 make.

The Hunger Games Lets Keep Fighting Hunger Bowl: ppl were so excited about fighting hunger, they decided to do it TWICE next year!!!  and perfect timing with the forth installment of the hunger games trilogy!  this game will prolly be the most anticipated by tweens n teens across the country

The Viagra Bowl no one is sure what to make of this one but they will prolly b giving out free samples so thats cool

the Alabama Womens Lacrosse Team Bowl the young ladies crismon tide lacrosse team has been playing well but attendance at there games is down.  in order 2 promote these athletes the lacrosse ladies decided to sponsor a bowl game!!  what a cool idea to raise awareness!  you go, girls!

The Discovery Channel & Crosby’s Deadly Alliance Bowl: this one seemingly came out of the blue!! rumor has it during halftime over 9000 lbs of Crosby’s molasses will be dumped into the stadium and then some exotic bees from south america will be released through the vents.  in spit of this info the game will prolly be heavily attended because its everyones last chance to see college football for a while.

the CDC E-bowl-a Bowl: super catchy name!!  all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards finding a cure for ebola!

the mens warehouse bwol: this one is sponsered by none other than mens warehouse they make cool suits n stuff.  instead of wearing uniforms and cleats, the players will b dressed in stylish 3 peace suits and patent leather shoes!  theyre thinking about using a ballroom floor instead of turf but idk if they will do that

the Smithsonian History is Super Fun Bowl: lets face it the smithsonian has gotten some really negative publicity with all those night at the museum movies.  this last year 11% less ppl visited these famous museums than in 2013!  thats a lot of percents.  so they will sponsoring a cool new bowl game!  the players will be dressed as warriors from different eras like the wild west and the romans and the american civil war

The PRogramming Careers Awareness Bowl in this day and age computer companies r really pushing the public 2 learn about programming.  most ppl are like “holy hell, step off!” but some ppl get really into it so idk.  this bowl will be played IN THE DIGITAL WORLD on a huge screen!!!! so crazy!!!  each player will get a video game controller and they will play as a video game character of themselves!  the instance of concussions is supposed to b reduced by 57%

The Kay Jewlers Buy ur GF a Diamond Already Bowl every kickoff begins with k

The Allstate Hockey Championship Bowl: ur prolly thinking “wait so the players will show up and theyll have to play a hockey game instead of football?? no one will watch that” but GUESS AGAIN!!!  3 days b4 the game the field will be flooded and then frozen!  what a twist!!!  they players wont have skates or anything theyll just have 2 run around as best they can WHILE BEING CHASED BY BABY POLAR BEARS!!!  the helmets will b padded with smoked salmon. yum!  the winner gets a life time supply of Detroit Red Wings tickets.  this is the most anticipated game of next year.

~ congrats to every1 in this years bowl games!!!  remember u guys every1 is a winner in sports!

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