there are sports!

This might come as a huge surprise to some ppl, so make sure ur sitting down.  Football is not the only sport!  There are in fact THREE OTHER SPORTS out in this world!!!  Theres (1) baseball 2. curling and 3) basketball and there happens 2 b a basketball game on TONIGHT!  It is time we start getting used to not watching football b/c the FOOTBALL DROUGHT IS COMING!  so if u want to check out something tonight that isnt football, u can watch the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings.  if u dont know anything about these teams here are some information nuggets to help u make sense of everything.

1.  The Suns wear purple sometimes.  They also wear orange but THIS IS A TRICK!!!!  its to camouflage the basketball and make it harder for their opponents 2 see the ball.

2.  the mascot of the Sacramento Kings is a Frankenstein monster made of the body parts of famous monarchs like King Louis XIV, Henry the 8th, Baldwin IIII, and Aragorn son of Arathorn.  its really scary so sometimes if their are kids at the game they just use a lion or w/e.  everyone thinks the lion is the king of the jungle but it is actually the anaconda.

3 there are twin brothers the Morris Brothers on the suns team n if u look closely you will see that they get into all kinds of cool shenanigans.  sometimes they switch jerseys or talk in their secret twin language.  FUN FACT: basketball is just a hobby of the Brothers MOrris, 95% of their income is from their secret TWIN detective agency.  one time when they were kids, they met at summer camp and they were living in different countries and they switched places to get their parents back together.

4. the suns also have the Dragic brothers from somewhere in Europe.  FUN FACT: they are actually dragons the dragon is the king of the jungle

5.  there are NO BROTHERS on the kings roster 😦  the suns are hogging all the baksetball brothers


7 four of the players on the kings team are over 8 feet tall: Demarcus Cousins, Derrick Williams, and Rudy Gay.

8. the basketball court in sacramento is built by SLEEP TRAIN and the court is actually lined with a ton of mattresses!  it reduces the risk of concussions

9. SUN is a palindrome.

10 if any player on either team misses four consecutive free throws everyone watching the game anywhere in the world will get a free kidney!!!  so cool that will come in handy b/c those things break all the time


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