happy cyber Monday every1!!!!  here is a fun fact for u: 67% of all purchases made today were related to football!  some ppl bought jerseys n shirts from football teams and other ppl bought actual footballs.  cool.

in other football news the miami Dolphins triumphed over the jets of new York.  Here are the top 10 neatest facts about the dolphins and Jets.

  1. a recent pole of tweens shows that the Dolphins are the #1 favorite team of girls ages 8 to 14.  98% would be in favor of having lisa frank assist with some rebranding.  Lets face it, that new dolphin logo is dumb as $hit.  how does it expect to play football without a helmet??  that idiot is just asking for a concussion imo.
  2. The Jets arent the only team from New York and a lot of states are jealous that NY gets like 5 teams and some states like North DAkota and new mexico dont get any.  U should keep ur eye on the 2016 election it should be a major issue
  3. if u meet an irl dolphin don’t show fear.  they can smell it.
  4. Don’t show fear in front of a IRL jet either it will head straight for the turbulance
  5. 3% of jets fans watched a dancing with the Stars rerun during commercial breaks remember when Donald Driver was on that show?
  6. some Dolphisn fans
  7. there is a huge rivalry b/n the Dolphins n Jets!!!!  the game 2nite was so excitng because of hte teams long history of legendary games.  back in the 60s when football was born there was a dolphin sighting in new york but then miami picked the name dolphins b4 new york could.  there is a lot of heartburn about that
  8. 9
  9. in a Recent ranking of the top 20 football teams, the JEts were voted “funnest laugh” and the packers were voted most likely 2 succeed”
  10. there is a ton of sublimenal messages in football.  remember when all sorts of jets fly over stadium across the country b4 the football games start?  its a BRILLIANT MARKETING STRATEGY by the jets department of marketing now everyone know what the Jets r.


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