Playoffs FAQs

Its almost that time of year again only ONE MONTH LEFT to get all your ducks in a row 4 the NFL PLAYOFFS!  a recent survey has revealed some disturbing stastistics: 98% of americans know when Christmas is, 84% of americans know when Hanukkah is, but only a lousy 34% know when the playoffs start!!!! 😦    we need to RAISE AWARENESS our football players do so much to raise awareness for other righteous causes its about time we gave back 2 them!   here are some frequently ask questions about the playoffs to help u with ur planning this month:

1.  When do the playoffs for football start?

idk sometime in january CELEBRATE 2015 with some FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!  gotta ring in the new year!!!

2. who will be in the playoofs?

Some football players we dont know who yet.   1st they need to finish the regular season shouldnt take too much longer.

3 i’m having a playoff party w/ my friends what food should i make?

grilling is always cool u can make burgers n brats.  chips are a MUST HAVE.  U could get some potato chips if u want 2 b traditional or u could spice things up with some tortilla chips and salsa that always looks neat.  You should prolly get one of those bowls what is shaped like a football 2 put the chips in, that looks festive.  no one will take u seriously unless u have one.  they’ll b like, “thanks for cooking” but deep inside they’ll b sad that u didn’t take the game seriously.  pigs in blankets are good, just b careful 2 get the right ingredients!!!  the recipe actually calls for mini hot dogs and crescent rolls, i know its so confusing.  if ur having a big crowd and u don’t want to cook u could just order some pizzas or w/e.  Peyton manning works at that Papa Johns place so u could give that a try.  then if he delivers ur pizza you can thank him for all the cool football games he played in.

#4 what team should i root for ??? :S

good question!  okay take a look around u.  do u see any football players?  or are there football players in ur family?  If the answer is yes, u should find out what teams they play for and root for those teams.  if u dont know anyone, u should find out if ur city has a football team if it does that becomes ur team.  if you live somewhere where there isnt football, you need to get out a map and compass and find out what is the closest city to you that has a football team.   Or u could just pick one that looks cool or that has neat colors.  Like if ur favorite color is purple u will want 2 pick the Minnesota vikings.  if ur favorite color is peyton manning u could pick the broncos they live in colorado.

5. HOw much does it cost to play football?

SOOOOO much.  holy cow we r are all so lucky we get to just watch.   those players have to travel all the time! if u decide to play football u need 2 get some frequent flyer miles or something THOSE ADD UP!!!  and they spend A TON on jerseys n dry cleaning n stuff like that sometimes they have to play in the mud and that costs a lot to get out esp if they have white jerseys.

Hope that helps u with ur planning!! 🙂

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