NFL Team Rush to Release 2023 Schedule

Earlier today, all 32 teams in the NFL rushed to announce their 2023 season matchups, in spite of the fact that NFL HQ was already releasing the comprehensive season schedule.


“Wait, you mean I don’t have to follow all 50 teams on Twitter to figure out what the schedule is,” asked a football fan. No, you do not!

A fair amount of sabotage occurred as teams with “friendly rivalries” tried to be the first to announce the schedule. Sources close to the Chicago Bears revealed that that an undercover Packers insider breached Bears HQ Soldier Field and unplugged the internet router two minutes before the schedule was to be released.

That doesn’t look good!

“Fortunately, we had scheduled the post in advance, so we were able to share our schedule a good twenty-seven seconds before Green Bay shared theirs,” said an anonymous Bears marketing analyst. “In fact, we were the fourth out of all 35 NFL teams to release the schedule.”

Good to know! Which announcement did you see first? Comment below!

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