Jets Acquire Another Former Packer

The New York Jets are vacuuming up all the former Green Bay Packers out there!

The Jets recently finalized their deal to sign famous Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, and they’ve taken steps to acquire fellow Packers alums Wide Receiver Allen Lazard, Tackle Billy Turner, QB Tim Boyle, as well as former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, most well-known for inspiring some hilarious fan-made signs during his coaching stint with the Denver Broncos.

The nail in the coffin of Nathaniel Hackett’s career in Denver. RIP.

And if that wasn’t already enough Packers, the Jets announced today that they’re signing WR Randall Cobb!

Sources close to Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur revealed that Coach L could be heard muttering, “Why don’t they just sign our entire team,” as he skulked around Packers HQ. “Do they want our logo, too?”

“Oh, can we do that?” asked Jets Owner Woody Johnson. “I’ll have my people work up a jersey design.”

A few hours later, the intrepid reporters were about to hit print on their online article, when Woody Johnson pinged them. “Got the jersey mock-up! I asked for the design by end of day, and here it is! Isn’t being the boss great!”

Matt LaFleur, who was copied on the email from Woody Johnson, was said to have shouted, “Are you ing kidding me,” before heading home for the day.

We have yet to hear if the Jets are talking to legendary Packers receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. One thing is for sure, we can wait to see the New York Packers on the field this fall!

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