NBA’s Scott Foster Catches “Rare” Pokémon At Lakers-Suns Game

The NBA’s most honest official Scott Foster, who is well known for his dedication to fair calls during the games, had an exciting evening in Los Angeles. Not only did he have better than a front row seat to the Lakers and Suns, he got to influence the results of the game and catch a Pokémon that he didn’t have in his Pokédex!

“This is great, did you see what I caught?” said Scott Foster in response to Suns Coach Monty Williams question on one of Foster’s calls against the Suns.

The King of Multitasking, Scott Foster catches a shiny Magicarp while reviewing the last play! Lakers’ ball!

“Oh shoot, I missed the play,” muttered Scott Foster as he threw a great curveball at a CP 10 Pidgey. “Uhhhhhhh, foul on Booker! Let’s get this game over with.”

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