Gamers Sim the Super Bowl, and the Winner Might Surprise You!

After a long season of watching football, we’ve finally made it to Super Bowl week. Congrats, everyone!

In preparation of the Big Game and placing bets on the Big Game, video gamers are using technology to predict how the game will go–and the results are SHOCKING!

Madden ’19
Gamers out there played a matchup in Madden ’19, the 19th edition of the Madden video game franchise, and the Eagles won. “Carson Wentz is THE MAN,” shouted a kid holding a PlayStation controller. “I’m gonna tell my dad to bet everything on the Eagles!”

John Madden Football
This iconic game for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo luckily features both Philadelphia and Kansas City as playable teams. Back when kids were playing this popular game, Kansas City was the only city in Kansas and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia wasn’t even cracked yet. And in this simulation, the brand new Kansas Cities were the winners! “Hell yeah, Chiefs,” said a really cool kid. “Make sure you put the word ‘hell’ in there so my friends at school know that I cuss.”

Whoa, we didn’t know anyone still played the 1978 classic for the Atari! “When I played, the green team lost, so I’m betting my life savings on the Chiefs,” said some old dork.

Coin Flip
“I assigned heads to the Eagles and tails to the Chiefs and then ran a program to project over 10 million coin flips,” said a statistician some other old dork. “It was 52% in favor of the Eagles.”

Official Super Bowl Simulator 4000
Whoa that sounds impressive–hey, wait a minute! That’s just Hungry Hungry Hippos! “Hippos are big,” said a young simulator operator.

Hongry Horgry Hipops

Well, the hippos say the Eagles are going to win it.

Gambling Gurus, when you go to place your bets, it is up to you to decide which simulator is the most trustworthy!

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